not too much

Monday what a day. I woke up ready to go after that refreshing 11 hours spent in the studio last night. I worked on 3 paintings and i got maybe about halfway done with the painting part of the works. I will maybe ….maybe not show you sneak peaks…we will have to see what the demand looks like.

I went to walmart this morning and got a microwave and pots and pans so now I can cook or pretend to cook. I also got some mean green cleaner…for those of you who know what simple green is….mean green has a way cooler name. Then I went grocery shopping and my situation is starting to get more and more comfortable. While I was out I hit up every second hand store that I could find looking for a stool. NO LUCK 😦

Then I came into the studio with no intentions of working on art at all. After people were all chatty chatty I began to read my homework stuff. I had a couple readings online, one was about how to write well. The other article was a speech given by a high school student at graduation and it was an amazing speech about backlash against the educational system. Let me know if you would like links and stuff….if so I will post but if no response then no post.

I’ve been in the studio for the last 3 hours preparing for critiques and grading issues and spreadsheets…fun stuff. I have been surfing the internet as well, but I feel at home in my space…I think I may rearrange it soon though. Only one of my walls works well for tacking things up…so I might have to use that wall for my own art and then just keep my art collection at my apartment which will be ok. I am tired of paper work for my T.A. position, but now I will have office hours to work on stuff so after tomorrow…officially all down hill as far as the T.A thing goes unless something outrageous happens. Anyway I am off to my apartment to sleep. Good night/ Good Morning world.


some new art

oh the weekend

Why hello everyone. Friday was an eventful day as many of my Fridays shall be here. This Friday I got to sleep in as usual. (I do feel pretty lazy compared to being up at 6 everyday this summer) I had to pick up my financial aid check so I can pay rent, and then off to a meeting I walked. The hills that this campus has are ridiculous. Anyway we had our first TA meeting and it went well, we went over the next weeks assignments and how everything went our first week. Then we had to deal with the class lists and waiting lists which was a mess. I had a class of 27 when there is only supposed to be 20. The first year grads had a meeting about what we are supposed to be doing and preparing for our first presentation. We have to give a 10 to 15 minute presentation on our portfolio that we sent into the school when we applied. It wont be tough I don’t think but some of the other students did not feel very comfortable with it. Then he explained that we need to have roughly 10 completed pieces by the end of the first semester and I’m hoping to get double that. They want us to work smaller so we have more art and can see a progression in the pieces rather than 2 large pieces.

There was a gallery opening that we had to attend. The artist-in-residence had a show and it was the first time at the Prichard gallery. I went with Charles who is a grad student from Ghana and then we went to a get together with all of the grads and the grads from WSU. The grads from WSU did not show up however because they had a school social function, but it will be cool to get to know them. After the party some of us went to the bar and it was cool to actually hang out with people. There are 2 artists from North Dakota here so I feel more at home now that im not the only sioux fan around.

Saturday started by sleeping in and then some laziness. I watched a movie and then I won the Stanley cup on the xbox. I then installed my Adobe creative suite onto my computer and messed around with it for awhile. I talked to Audrey for awhile then decided to eat and head to the studio. At the studio so far I took some pictures that I wanted to mess around with and I forgot my wireless mouse. I dont really feel like spending my entire night using my mouse pad to do photoshop stuff. Well thats all I have for now…..peace.

2nd day of teaching

So wednesday was kind of a lazy day, I didnt get to the studio till about 5:30 because the heat is unbearable in the studios when its a hot day out. I ended up painting quite a bit, I have some more to paint on the painting and then its time to screenprint on it. I still need to learn my way around the print making studio so I can work on it.

My second day of teaching went better than the first day but there was still some awkward silences though. So next class period will be the first critique, I can only imagine how silent and awkward it is going to be if they dont say anything at all. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss next weeks classes so hopefully Ill get some insight on how to make them talk instead of me talking the whole time. After 1 hour of standing at lecture and then 4 hours of standing in my classes, I was pretty exhausted so I grabbed my computer and went home. When I got home I found the new adobe creative suite for my computer and i got it with a savings of like 1100 dollars so im really stoked to begin trying to use some computer stuff with my screenprinting.

First teaching experience

My first two classes didn’t go too bad? They were kind of short and awkward, but aren’t most first days? It was basically a day to hand out the syllabus and go over who I am and who they are.

My next class will be going over the first assignment and probably start on it. I am going to show them the “where the hell is Matt” video to show them that concept can inspire and stir emotion. Art doesn’t always have to be a visual experience, but an experience of dancing and being crazy for a few minutes. You should check out the video, check it out on google. Then I will go over the elements of design and then explain the assignment. Should be fun. The 3 studio assistants I have didn’t say i did horrible or anythign so i think it went ok.

I spent a few hours in my studio working on art for the first time since being here. I am still working with the phone concept and drawing still lifes of the phone with dramatic lighting to help with the extreme colors I plan on using. I also plan on doing screenprinting on it. I also have an update on my studio furniture and I hung up a bunch of art so my room feels quite comfortable. Its like having a fort in an attic. My phone is dead so I will have to post pictures of that tomorrow. Well I am going to finish up here at the studio and head to bed…it will be my first midnighter at the studio and no one else is here so I think I am taking the initiative and kicking ass, but we will find out soon enough. Good night all. or good morning because Pacific time is hard to get used to.

First day of School

So people may think the first day is the most exciting with a bunch of syllabus handouts and meeting your teachers and classmates. I didn’t have any real classes so it was none of that. I knew everyone in my class and the teacher.

The class is a graduate seminar class where we will learn how to write and evaluate our art and concepts. We will be developing writings that should heavily impact our thesis statement that will go with our thesis show at the end of our three years. This class is going to involve alot of reading and writing which I am fully supportive of now that I know art is my place.

After class got out I spent a few hours going through material and papers for tomorrow. I teach my first class tomorrow and then my 2nd class back to back. I prepared for the first day and thats about it. Wish me luck, im going to need it. It will be just fine after the first 5 minutes probably, but I am still really nervous. Good Night

Learning the job

So Friday morning I had another meeting, it was pretty boring, but it last 4 hours and prolly helped with a few things. Then I had a meeting about the class I will be teaching, which is foundations. It is an intro design class working in both 2D and 3D. There is a lecture class tied to it as well meaning I have to go to that lecture everyday and basically take that class and then teach on it. I will be teaching the lab portion of it which will be taking the lectures and adding the art stuff I know to it. I am extremely nervous/excited about the first day, I just want it to be over with.

Last night we had a social gathering of the art faculty and grad students. There were some undergrad art students there as well which was nice, just to meet them. I got to know the rest of the grad students a little bit and then everyone went there separate ways.

Woke up saturday morning feeling nice and lazy so I watched some T.V. I then decided I better do something today at least for a little bit. I unpacked some of my stretched canvases and loaded up the other art i want in my studio. Now I am at my studio checking out some Kim Froshin art at Well anyways I better get going.