first open studios

This week has been tough because of the whole introduction of theory. My brain hurts and it hurts bad. I need to just remember to make work, I have 3 years to develop what my voice is going to say. I am rather burnt out after the last few days.
We had a guest speaker who is a printmaker that spoke about her work. She did alot of decorative work, or work that looked good and pretty and worked well as a composition. She declared herself as a formalist. One thing she said that she makes artwork for the beauty, which can be the subject for conversation across the board. It was nice to see her process of printmaking. She focuses not on multiple copies but using many of the same images and rearranging her compositions. Her name is Amanda Knowles, you should check her out. It was just refreshing to hear that art is made to be formal and not only conceptual. It was a relief.
Yesterday I dealt with a fainting student, who fainted twice. I was sooooo happy that I didn’t need to change shorts afterwords if you know what i mean.
Today we are having our first open studio. The grad students sit in their studios adn wait for professors to come around and look at our work. Pretty exciting stuff, but I will type this out while they come in and give me advice.
#1 My color is vibrant for my potential concept of the death of communication, so I need to think about my color and the moods it reflects.
#2 My painting is good and my use of color is innovative. My paintings of the phone objects are sculptural and are strong formally. The concept will come just make work.
#3 Form is important just keep making work.
hmm well hopefully more faculty will come to the next one.


One thought on “first open studios

  1. Nice pics kid, gonna have to get down and see you soon. Give me a call when you can.
    Where are the biker prints?
    Love ya

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