My current status is working hard…very hard…kinda. Well I am all set to print on my first canvas at the university of Idaho. Their set-up is so different here than in Sioux Falls. I am working on a painting similar to the two I just finished. I am making a rough video of it as well so hopefully I will be able to get better at that and make cool videos of each painting. We have open studios on friday and I want to have alot done and I am also submitting a few paintings to the magazine, New American Paintings. Its and MFA candidate competition so hopefully I can get one in, that would be insane. I dont want to start any rumors but I may be teaching printmaking next semester which would be amazing and exciting and I would love to be teaching that instead of design but its up to the chair…cross your fingers


first time painting outside

So this is my first attempt at painting outdoors. It is alot harder than one may think. Go try it sometime with oils, difficult to say the least.


…class and then a meeting…productive
…painted a 4 by 5 landscape painting…productive
…nap, few drinks, and halo….not productive

…did not clean the apartment…not productive
…did not go grocery shopping…not productive
…did read as much of the predicament of culture as I ever will..productive
…did research on mass culture/mass society…productive
…found books and articles that I need to read…semi-productive
…bedtime around midnight…not productive

…halo with old roomate ryan anderson…not productive
…cleaned screens, degreased screens, emulsed 2 screens…productive
…went to FedEx to print transparencies…productive (except for the employee that pretty much as no idea what he is doing and turned what should have been a 10 minute print job into an hour and a half stupidity displace)
…went grocery shopping…productive
…ate dinner and watched football…not productive
…finished my second painting and painted more on number 3…productive
…still have not cleaned apartment…not productive



Well its been awhile. I have just been consumed with day to day activities and its all melting together. I have been teaching and reading and reading and reading. Well I haven’t done that much reading, but I’ve been researching so it feels like reading. I have been throwing around ideas of what I want to say with my work and I have become fully aware that I need to actually say something with my art. There was an awesome quote I heard last week and I am going to butcher it but its basically saying, Why make art that doesn’t say something, we live in an image driven culture, why make more images. It struck a cord and I have been trying to do my research in visual culture, nostalgia, and ethnography. Anyways….Audrey is coming to town in two days so I am getting so so excited to see her. I am almost all set up to start screenprinting and I will for sure be starting next week. I have already began doing monoprints, but nothing too fantastic yet. I am going to possibly do prints over my oil paintings instead of screenprinting on them. I’m doing alot of exploring with waterbased inks vs. oil based and I got oil pastels and I hear you can do some amazing things with them. I am setting a personal deadline to finish 6 pieces by the end of october and then 4 per month after that now that I am getting settled in. Goodnight world.

just another week

Nothing too special has been happening of late. I am in the constant struggle of trying to figure out what time doing here and what kinda art to make. My supplies for screenprinting have finally arrived and will be put to good use after class tomorrow, i hope. I still have some reading and writing to finish up for friday morning so I will try to work it all in together. Luckily I have a lot of grading to do as well which is only 20 some feet from the printmaking studio. We had a critique on Tuesday for my classes. The students made some really cool projects, I wish some of them had spent more time on them but overall I’m very happy. I could use some more practice leading critiques but I am sure that will come with time. Audrey will be here in a little over a week and im pretty excited for that, but I got alot of work to do to make up for future lost time. This next week and a half I am planning on getting about 5 paintings completely finished and then I will evaluate from there and move forward, wish me luck. Good night