new stuff


Sorry for a delay in posts, its been a busy couple weeks. I had crits on Friday and they went ok, two of the professors really helped me alot and it was refreshing to hear I’m working in the right direction. I have been reading more than ever, I have a presentation on an article called ” thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird” by Thomas McEvilley. It is proving to be very helpful and when it comes to thesis time I will be more than ready. I already have a 2 page outline for my thesis and i wont even need it to be written until my 3rd year but things might change by that time, so we are keeping it at an outline. I have a couple items finished that I need to photograph and post on here. One of them is probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever done so I am pretty stoked about it. I am also pretending that i will get at least 2 more pieces done this week before I head to the midwest for thanksgiving. So be prepared for those as well. They will be posted sooner than later if I don’t blow away in this terrible wind storm idaho is having.

self portraits

Here are a few self-portraits I did. I started with a monoprint and just drew on it and then I created monoprints off of that and went back into all of them and drew,drew,drew. Last Monday was National Self-Portrait day and Graphic Content is having a whole week dedicated to self-portraits so whether or not I make it on there it was such a relief to work on something that was different. It didn’t have to be fully connected to a body of work at all. Its a constant mental battle to be here and constantly be thinking about what I want my art to say. I am thinking i will have to go against the grain and ruffle some feathers at some point but I will keep you updated on that.