busy busy busy

Merry Christmas and thanks for all of the support.

Finals week and grading was a busy busy time. The two weeks between thanksgiving and christmas break was filled with nothing but art and schooling. Grading and coordinating between my TAs was a new experience and added alittle stress into my life, but I made it through. I also had to make alot of art during that time. I finished almost 2 paintings, a wood block, and some other random stuff, so pretty busy. Pictures will be added soon when I get back to Idaho. I am spending most of my break in SD. I am starting two intaglio plates while I am here and we will see if I am able to actually print it while I am here.

I updated my paintings and prints on the page.


Sorry its been awhile but its been busy here in Idaho. Teaching college courses means grading college projects, it takes sooo much time. I am also working on a 15 page paper and getting ready for a big open house on monday. I will have a bunch of new stuff up on Monday or Tuesday depending on where the time goes. Anyway keep an eye out and if you need a fun christmas present for something prints are only 20 bucks a pop