Heres some new stuff

I got some paintings….in the making and one to show. I have four that I wanna get done soon. But the other day I cut wood for 8 canvases and gessoed 11. I also have frames built for 6 paintings on panel, so I should get at least 17 things done this semester but I am planning on printing stuff too, so Its going to be an ambitious semester. I also have 2 classes I am teaching and I am doing a practicum in the advanced printmaking class which is basically teaching that too. And I am also sitting in on the intro to printmaking class because I will be teaching that one next year. So I am way busier this semester which will prolly make me more productive in the studio. Enjoy the new stuff and the sneak peaks.


Happy New Year

Hi All,
So I just got back to Idaho a few days after a very refreshing break in the midwest. It felt good to be unproductive for the most part. I was however very productive before I left for break and have two new photos to release in the next couple days, and a few other works in progress but I have a lot of work I want to do so that should keep me busy. Classes start up again tomorrow so I will be nervous for the begining of tomorrow and after that i will be good to go. Anyway keep an eye out for the new stuff, I think im headed in a positive direction. Good Night