Works in progress show pics yo


I’m in

Hey all, I am going to try putting more updates on here instead of waiting until I have lots of work to show. The end of the school year is right around the corner so grading and papers have deadlines before art….I guess thats how grad school is structured anyway. I got awesome news today. I got into Studio Visit Magazine out of 1200 applicants. Its a magazine sent out to galleries and curators etc. I also got into Direct Art Magazine but only as a finalist, not a winner. So I can pay for an add in there but I might do it for the exposure. Thought I would share the good news. Also on the good news front, I have to pay for my Italy trip this week, so its official that I will be spending a chunk of my summer in Italy.

Work in progress


I have a works in progress show going up next week so I’m trying to pump out a bunch of stuff.  The stuff in the may or may not be done yet.  I also went into some of my older paintings with more paint and markers.  Its looks awesome.  Im also getting into woodcuts but im having an ink issue so there are some delays.  Once I get my stuff done for the show ill post it.