Mapping out my show

So I am having a show in the Reflections Gallery on Oct. 3rd on the University of Idaho’s campus. My show title is Firenze…thats Florence in Italian. So I will be showing my sketches and most of my watercolors, no matter how good or bad I perceive them to be. I am also going to make 3 large studio works that come from my Florence drawings. I am posting them here for you all, because its going to be what I am working on for the next month…wish me luck is all I have to say about that.



Here are some of the watercolors that I did in Italy. These are from the first two days when I wasn’t very good. I may not be very good after two weeks, but I think these are not on par. But I figure I should show them so then hopefully my later posting look better :).

howdy yall

So this week has been ok. Its the first week of school so it is full of excitement, stress, joy, stress, small victories, stress, and the potential for stress. So I am teaching intro to printmaking and a Design 1 class. I’ve taught design before and it already seems alot easier than the first time around. My students seem to be listening more and participating and that could be because its the first week, but I like to think its because I am alittle more experienced. Printmaking is a different story. I LOVE printmaking, but I’ve never taught it, and I haven’t used most of the equipment in the print lab. I have had some good instruction in the past and just doing their assignments a week ahead of them it will make my life alot easier, so I am going to get at least 6 prints done while teaching this course. So the first real days of class happened today, so I didn’t have to just read the syllabus. They both went really welll and I think it will be a good year, but it will be alot of work and I will have TOOOOOOO much reading to handle this year. I am taking an Art seminar that will be alot of reading and writing, I am also taking a 450 level sociology class that will be even more reading. I have never taken a sociology class so this may or may not be interesting. The class is a seminar style class and I will be discussing/debating with people that will be going into the field of sociology next May, but I am up for the challenge. I have never failed a class so why start now haha. I am also sitting in on a Modern art/theory course just for fun, so I have come up with a conclusion that I am alittle masochistic, meaning I love putting myself through pain. If I can make it through this semester ok……I can make it through life. Anyways I will have 150 to 200 pages to read a week and I havent read that much in a week, ever. So I guess I am just declaring my lack of future posts, but I will at least try my best. Tomorrow I am documenting all of my work I have completed up to this point in my life, so I will have my italian art posted on my site. So if you have made it this far through my pitiful rambling…..check back tomorrow night for some pictures…they will be here. I better get back to my homework, this is evidence of pure procrastination at its finest. Thanks for tuning in!!!

back to the grind

So, its been awhile, but its been an adventure. I was in Italy for 2 weeks participating in the Rome Art Program. It was revitalizing and I am super stoked to be back in Idaho and my studio (where I am currently typing because I don’t have internet). I will soon take pictures of all my artwork that I made in Italy whether its good or bad. I was using watercolors for the 2nd time in my life, but I think I figured it out at least alittle bit before I left. You can see the progression I made while I was there. I was also exposed to the Renaissance artwork of Florence and being in a setting where everything is in perfect proportions it is bound to rub off on a person if they are looking hard enough. It will be interesting to see how I can convert my experience to my studio practice. I am also toiling with an idea for my concept called “The Donald Filter”…its still in the works…I have 2 more years to figure it out.