Sneak Peaks from my show, Pictures of all the items in the show will be up soon. They will be taken and edited this weekend.


Lazy Sunday Check out this new piece by Audrey Stommes. She keeps posting these amazing paintings/drawings. This one is for a woman’s shelter in Lincoln NE. I know I haven’t posted much in the last little while of my stuff, but im getting ready for a show and its taking some time. I will soon have good pictures of some of my watercolors from Italy and 3 new studio works inspired by Italy. My show opening is Oct. 3rd so its going be this week. Keep your eyes peeled.

BRADY I remember when this guy was a freshmen taking the same art classes as me when I was a Jr. My oh my!! We built this awesome Frisbee in 3D design and now look what he is up to. His page is always exciting to look at. He updates it pretty regularly so stay tuned to this young stud.


imageHere is a close up on the first screenprint onto a giant canvas.  I’m getting ready for a show so this stuff has got to get done soon.  I finished one today, I finished printing one today and I started my last painting.  Tomorrow I have to order alot of plexi glass.  Alot of plexi glass.  Oh how the pressure builds.