Italy is almost over

Well Its about done, over, finito. Today is my last full day at the residency and then tomorrow is a grueling 36 hour journey towards my Grandma’s downstairs, cool, dark, spare bedroom that I am planning to coma in for a day or two. After some good old fashioned American food of course.

I am not going to post any more pictures while I am here just because it will be so much easier to do it on a real computer and not this dinky thing. It will also give me time to evalute some of the work I will post on here. I think I have a very nice variety and there is alot of progress in the material I have collected here. I basically did what I came here to do, which was to try figure out what I was going to do for my thesis, I think its going to be good. Who knows though . Don’t forget, its still not too later to donate to this amazing educational and career building opportunity. Thank you to the people who did donate to the cause!!


It’s been a week

So one week ago today I landed in Rome. Its been quite the adventure and its going by very fast, yet very slow at the same time. I don’t know what to think about that. So for the next week I won’t have anything too exciting happening. I will be working my butt off to try use up all of the paper I brought with me.

Other than working on art I have some interesting wine drinking stories. Long story short is that there is a local winery that we went to and got free wine, alot of free wine. Too much free wine. I didn’t drink wine at dinner the next day, but it’s all good today. Sorry for the short report, but thats all I got. I posted some new pictures as well. Facebook has a bunch more pictures and I will be posting more art on here when I get back home.

Sketchbook, accordion style

Where I work at night and hottest parts of the days

First watercolor here

2nd posting

I am sure it would be smart to look back to see where I left off last time, but I think I will be fine. So in Rome I had to find the bus station….piece of cake. Now figuring out how to get a ticket, thats a different story. I stood in line for 30 minutes and asked “Senise”…i totally pronounced it wrong by the way, but he pointed me in the right direction. Two booths later I had a ticket to Senise. The bus ride was over 5 hours long, but it went by quickly. They don’t exactly announce where the bus is stopping so I thought I was missing my town over and over again. I was the only one who spoke english on the bus, so that didn’t help too much. Some how I managed and was picked up by Susanna. She is an artist who is originally from the area, but lives and works in Dublin.

It was such a warm welcome into the residency. The Bruichetta (sp?) I really can’t think of what its called. The toast with olive oil and tomatoes was sooo good. I basically went to sleep or at least did my best at trying. The next day I got a tour of the place. It was raining so it was a perfect excuse to try to catch up on sleep.

Dinner was in town this time. The other two residents here are both professors in English and Journalism at Columbia University in New York. They are both working on their new books. Talk about being in the presence of real academics. We had a nice walk down and then back up to the top of the hill before I came down to the studio I am writing from right now and started a watercolor.

This morning a new arrival to the residency. She is a professor at a school in Alabama. She is a printmaker too so that will be fun to bounce ideas off each other. If I play my cards right I might squeeze a thesis idea out while I am here. Today I explored some around the town and painted out in one of the squares. I will post some pictures of the town and some of Rome

The Picture that I am not in is where I eat big deal 🙂 .

Oh Europa

Never ceases to amaze me how horrible air travel can be. My plane from Minot to Minneapolis was late, so I had to book it across the entire Minneapolis airport to get to my plane. As I was coming down the corridor they asked on the microphone…Are you Donald? Hurry. Luckily I was the last one on the plane. Apparently my bag wasn’t as fortunate. After a long haul across the ocean and then across Europe I ended up in Rome. Super tired…waiting for my bag to come. It didn’t show. They said it would be here the next morning at 7am on a plane from New York.

I found my way into Rome and to my hostel and there was a guy in there from Seattle. We chilled for a bit then went to eat and then we came back to the hostel. I basically went right to bed, but I was in and out of sleep as other people sleeping in the room came in and out and it was a very long night of not sleeping.

I got up at 6 to hit up the airport. I got there and tried to go through security like the lady told me to do. Security didn’t like it very much and they sent me down to the arrivals. Somehow I was supposed to weave through a crowd to find a hidden staff entrance. I did so after finding help. So I go to the belt from New York…not there. Talk to customer service, search through all the lost and found. Then they looked it up and it wasnt supposed to arrive until noon. So….I sat…I waited…I slept in an upright position for a few minutes at a time. Finally I got up to see that the plane had landed. But there were like 3 planes arriving that were on that belt. I waited and waited and waited and apparently the New York flight was the last one to put the luggage on the belt. But there it was…my bag, it meant showers, it meant paper for the residency, tooth brush!!!

Making my way back to Rome and to the hostel, I was pretty hungry. I ate an apple and some water. Then I fell asleep for a good hour. I woke up to someone trying to open the hostel door. When she finally got in, thats when I met Yoora. She is from Korea and she knew english pretty well. We went and explored alittle bit of Rome together. We walked down to the Colosseum, up to the Parthenon, and then back to the hostel. We grabbed a sandwich first though. It may seem like I only went to two places, but there is so much stuff inbetween everything that its crazy. I don’t even know most of the stuff I saw.

We got back and I waited for the shower to open up but I fell asleep for a good half hour. By that time Jasper had come to the room. He is a guy from Holland that I had met inbetween my sleep and such so I didn’t remember him too well. Then Chivon from Sydney Australia made it to the room. We basically just talked for the whole night with showers inbetween some of the conversations and just had a pretty laid back night.

Woke up and checked out of my hostel. Although I am still in the hostel I have like 3 hours to kill before my bus leaves so I dont want to have to go sit outside in a busy bus station for 3 hours. Anyways that is my first official update. Just because its official does not mean that it is edited very well. I will post pictures and stuff once I get settled into my Residency. I think I will have plenty of free time to keep everyone updated.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So, the time has come. I am leaving for my first official art residency tomorrow. I willl fly into Minneapolis, then Amsterdam and finally Rome where I will be spending the weekend. Monday I will take a 5 hour bus ride to my destination.

I am looking forward to seeing a different side of Italy away from all the tourist attractions and widely known history. To see how everyday Italians live in a small village without all of the distraction that their worldly history. I am not however looking forward to being crammed into an airplane for 10 hours, or the bus for 5 hours. My femurs will be put to the test. Along with my art skills. I feel alot more pressure of actually making something good while I am there. I will be using mostly pencil, markers, and watercolors on paper, not my normal materials for the most part. I also learned I will be teaching a drawing class coming up in the fall. It will be nice to teach something other than design and printmaking, but I will have to dust of my drawing what I see skills. Anyway there is still time to donate to the residency fund if you would like. Be sure to check for updates of my travels. I will be posting more on here than I have for the rest of the summer so keep them eyes peeled.

Love in the air!!

I did this painting for two of my best friends that got hitched last weekend, Ryan Anderson and Steph Johnson. They always had some fantastical dreams to move to florida to be on the beaches….now they do so heres my interpretation of it.