Ok, well I figured now is a good time to fill you in. Well it is probably a horrible time to be sitting on the computer, but here is an update of what is going on.

I am teaching a drawing class and a printmaking class and both are going well. I have 5 books I have yet to look at that I checked out for thesis reading. No other school updates.

Art update, I am currently in the “Summer Show” at the Ridenbaugh Gallery on the campus here at the U of Idaho. I am also now up in a show at Moscow City Hall, not sure what the name is, but it is being curated by Nellie Lutz, so many thanks to her for selecting some of my watercolors from Italy. The big one is yet to be hung. I have a solo show at Mace Mead Works in Dayton WA which is right next to Walla Walla WA. I am leaving on Thursday to go hang the show and the reception is on September 21st. I basically only have tomorrow to prepare and pack up my vehicle. That hit me tonight. I typed out the list of everything! Now I am about to begin framing a bunch of watercolors. I also need to pre-hang a bunch of stuff to see how I want to hang things. I have done alittle bit of this previously, but still not set on anything yet. I am also going to try to sit down and tear and edition a few sets of prints. I realized I needed to do all of this stuff about a half hour ago, well at least the urgency of it all. Can’t wait to just make art again :).

Off to frame!!!


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