On the road again…

So my seasonal job is about over. I’ve decided to do alittle escape with a trip to Idaho and a hunting trip to South Dakota. I am on the road from Idaho to SD now. I was able to visit with some of my mentors, art grads new and old, and some of my favorite people. It was a much needed escape as my search for what I am going to do and where I will living stretches on. Devon Mozdierz was kind enough to let me use her studio (my old studio) to start and finish a big painting.



Here’s a small piece i finished last week.



SO I have a website under construction that allows you to view artwork more easily. That website will be under the domain johnsondon.com. This blog will now be under the domain name dojofilter.com. All of this will be taking place in the next week or two. The new website right now is under the domain: dwjohnsondon.jux.com Please check it out


So here I am, updating my site. I am currently building a new website that will showcase my work, resume, and other info. I will keep this site which will I also updated all of my paintings that I did for my thesis show. Not all of them were in the show, but I made a bunch of paintings. So you can check those out on the painting section. I also posted some of the paintings that didn’t make it into the show on this post, Please enjoy and be prepared for some change.

"You're Not Stubburn"

"Nobody, Not Even the Rain"

"Cries of the Past"

"Grey Skies Turn Blue"

"Leave Us and Forget Us"

"Coming Down is Calming Down"

"Stars and Boulevards"

"This Wasn't Our Plan"