Catch up/Denver Artwalk

I have been meaning to post for a couple weeks, but sometimes that is difficult …..or I just forget. I have been busy though so I have a great excuse. I have been working on my first big solo show outside of grad school that is taking place at Augustana College. I am pretty excited about it. I have finished quite a few works in the past couple months in preparation for the show and I will also be including some of my highlighted works from graduate school. I am sending 25 works and a few of them are extremely large.

I went to the Denver Artwalk on August 1st and I wanted to sort of talk about how I felt about it, how the “real” art world outside of the academic bubble would treat me. I wont mention any galleries or artists I saw. I saw some great artwork and that got me really excited. I also saw some mediocre work and then some not so great stuff. I’m not an art critic and everyone has different tastes. However I do believe craft is an important part of art making. It was easy to see that not everyone thought that, but maybe I am snobby about it because I have been taught good craft. However, I am excited for the opportunity to try get my work into some of these shows and I will be trying to get into a few galleries after my show at Augustana.

I have been posting in progress pics of my work that I am getting ready for the show on instagram and facebook. Here is the very last piece finished for the show. I’m hoping it’s fresh!

I'm Not the Only One