Sufu…never disappoints!

I will post show pics soon!

So I had this little art show in Sioux Falls, SD at Augustana College.  My favorite undergrad college I have ever been to!  I want to thank the school, faculty, students, and the people who came out to my show.  The best part of the trip is the people.  I miss the people in Sioux Falls.  I saw some old friends and I also met some new friends.  It is just sort of crazy how you can meet people and share stories, and it happens more in the Dakotas.  I always try to represent.

While I was prepping for my gallery talk I was having an adult beverage in the hotel bar.  I don’t mind looking like a nerd going into a bar with a sketchbook.  That’s how I roll!  So a group of ladies came into the bar and sat next to me.  They were wondering what I was doing looking like a nerd in the bar.  I told them and one of the ladies told me her daughter is going into art.  So we talked about that for a bit and then she mentioned her daughter who had recently passed from a cancer called “Ewing’s Sarcoma.”  It was just an amazing connection to hear her talk about her daughters and it was an incredible night to be a human and to feel and to connect to someone.  Her daughter’s name is Kaitlyn Erickson.  The yellow bracelets are for childhood cancer awareness.

Moral of the story, meet people, listen to people, love people.