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Wine Things

Looks like Commissions week is turning into Commissions month!  One of my best friends wife likes wine, she wanted wine things so I gave her wine things.


Williston’s 1st Pride party

So my brother texts me one day and he is like, can you fix this logo for me? ¬† I am like I don’t really do anything on the computer, but I can take a look. So I take a look and it looks pretty bad. ¬†He then informs me that he needs it in 2 hours. ¬†I am really not a computer person and I texted and called 4 or 5 graphic designers I know and they were all busy. ¬†So I tried to do my best with the simple things I could handle. ¬†It was fun and stressful though!


Commissions Week!!!!

I have had the opportunity over the last year to do some commissions that are further out of my typical paintings. ¬†It is nice to showcase the fact I can do more than just what I am personally exploring. ¬†So this week….commissions week and I will start with a Liger. ¬†Yes, a Liger….with my former boss’s face on it. ¬†Tomorrow will be the same thing, you can choose which brother looks better! ¬†(cell phone picture quality)IMG_2461

I need you to keep me going!

So I have just been lazy with taking good pictures and such.  I have also been doing commissions and trying to pay bills and things that adults do.  Here is part of my newer series of works.  More to come.  They are a smaller scale and a description of the whole series will come soon.  Please enjoy, share, buy.  Etsy store is coming soon too and I will offer prints at a more affordable price.Took Some Time Away Things Were All Good Yesterday Let Me Make Up My Mind I'm No Good, You're No Better I'm Already Something to Someone If You Could Share a Modest Piece I Wasn't Supposed to Bend I Want to Be Known, By You Don't Let Me Be Gone Build Me Up Behind Both of My Eyes